Presenting like… Jeremy ‚Shoemoney‘ Schoemaker

An easygoing storyteller calmly presenting his audience with one great piece of advice after the other.

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Jeremy Schoemaker is a celebrity in his line of business – an online marketer or rather the affiliate marketing expert. In the second week of January he held the keynote at the Affiliate Summit 2012 in Las Vegas. In preparing this keynote Jeremy did the obvious thing and asked himself „What is key in affiliate marketing?“ – and then presented his answers to the question in his speech.

If you want to understand this blogpost you will like to watch his keynote – thankfully also showing his slides – on the Shoemoney blog (it takes 37 minutes).

For the first few minutes Jeremy seems shy, later on he’s sometimes self-ironic in what he says. He goes on stage with his hands in his pockets speaking in a low voice, standing (or hiding) behind the lectern almost all of the 37 minutes. But by and by he gathers pace and you can notice that he pauses deliberately and with great effect (e.g. at 7:44) when speaking. In this video he seems a very ’normal‘ and ‚authentic‘ person in accordance with who he is and was. And his biography is indeed an interesting story in itself. Weiterlesen