Presenting like Louisa Heinrich and Caroline Drucker

Summary of Ignite Berlin 23rd May 2012 – and a list of 6 pieces of advice to others.


What is Ignite? An Ignite talk is similar to Pecha Kucha  but harder still: 20 slides automatically forwarding after 15 seconds each – which sums up to a 5 minute talk.

The speakers‘ list of Ignite Berlin had international guests on it – and there was an audience of about 70-100 people who gathered at the now officially opened Supermarkt, an event location and co-working space  in Brunnenstraße. Weiterlesen

Present like Steve Jobs

By Caroline Kliemt, 

German version (<- click)

New series on this blog – starting today

R.I.P. Steve Jobs – when he was still alive clients and friends repeatedly told me they wanted to be able to „present like Steve Jobs“.

That’s aiming high and in the right direction as not only were his keynotes always memorable (at least for Apple fans) but reportedly he rehearsed a lot.

However, two facts oppose the possibility of being able to present like Steve Jobs did: To begin with anyone I have known so far presented a product or concept that everyone in the audience wanted anyway (as much wanted as new Apple products are wanted by their fans). This means that only those who have really sexy and hyped products or concepts have a chance of getting close to Jobs. But the second obstacle is insurmountable: We’re not Steve Jobs. Weiterlesen

Improv(e) your presentation – part 1

Emotion and emotional repertory (Deutsche Fassung)

When speaking to a group you’ll be happy to see positive reactions on the faces of those listening to you – smiling like the four dwarfs. But more often you’ll get a stony- or even poker-faced audience. That’s because people concentrating on what you say will not necessarily smile or consciously use their facial expression.


Anyway, the important question is what you can do to present with more emotion. While eagerly organizing the contents of a talk we rarely consider our feelings regarding the topic: What’s the statement I am most passionate about? What do I think important about my message and am I completely commited to it? What aspects do upset me?


Impro(ve) your presentation – Teil 1

Emotion und emotionales Repertoire (English version; Teil 2 von Improve your presentation gibt’s hier.)

Wenn Sie vor einer Gruppe sprechen, freuen Sie sich sicher, wenn Sie die positive Reaktion Ihrer Zuhörer an deren Gesichtern ablesen können, wie hier bei den vier Zwergen. Oft blickt man aber eher in ausdruckslose oder ernste Mienen – was daran liegt, dass Menschen, die konzentriert zuhören, nicht unbedingt aktiv lächeln oder ihre Mimik bewusst einsetzen.


Viel interessanter ist überhaupt, was Sie tun können, um Ihre Präsentation emotionaler vorzutragen. In der intensiven Vorbereitung setzt man sich viel zu selten mit seinen Gefühlen in bezug auf die Inhalte auseinander: Welche Aussage brennt mir auf der Seele? Was finde ich an meiner Botschaft wirklich wichtig und wo stehe ich voll dahinter? Welche Aspekte haben mich schon immer aufgeregt?


The aesthetics of words

Garr has written a lot about presentation design and fonts in his wonderful blog and also recommended Robin Williams‘ The Non-Designer’s Design Book from which you can learn a lot about design in general and, indirectly, about presentation design. Today I made a „wordle“ of „Es spricht!“. Although randomly (?) designed by an algorithm the outcome is very beautiful – and a great mixture of languages.


Here you can see that using one font in related colours can produce coherence and form inspite of being random.