Improv(e) your presentation – part 1

Emotion and emotional repertory (Deutsche Fassung)

When speaking to a group you’ll be happy to see positive reactions on the faces of those listening to you – smiling like the four dwarfs. But more often you’ll get a stony- or even poker-faced audience. That’s because people concentrating on what you say will not necessarily smile or consciously use their facial expression.


Anyway, the important question is what you can do to present with more emotion. While eagerly organizing the contents of a talk we rarely consider our feelings regarding the topic: What’s the statement I am most passionate about? What do I think important about my message and am I completely commited to it? What aspects do upset me?


Sesame Street & the Manamana of a good presentation!

What do a Sesame Street song-classic, a good presentation and impro theatre have in common? (deutsche Fassung)

They’re fun and they only work if you feel like doing it, if you’re completely present and if they’re based on interaction. „We could sing a good song if we have one more person to sing!“ – if you replace „song“ and „singing“ by „presentation“ and „presenting“ then you can learn how to do a good presentation by watching the singer (is he meant to a Joe Cocker twin?) in the following Sesame Street classic: